Product range: 3d renderings, walk-through animations, commercials, interactive solutions like panoramic renderings, interactive property presentations a.o.

   Visual appeal, accuracy, and ability to meet deadlines.



   Product range: 3D interactive models, still renderings, instruction movies, commercials.

   Experience, volume flexibility, refined production and quality assurance processes.



   Product range: 3d modeling for interactive engines (Unreal, Unity, GameBryo), for 3d printing, gaming industry, and for your visualization projects (3ds max).

   Experience of cooperation with world-known manufacturers, volume flexibility, set-up production and testing processes.


Creating visuals.

           Making sense...






Tell us about your needs: everything from target audience and the message you need to convey to design books and engineering drawings will add to the picture. Samples of similar products that you like are also very welcome! If the instructions package cannot be shared yet, basic info like floor plans and style or a photo of similar product should be enough for us to prepare a preliminary quote.

Production team analyzes your request to explicate the solution in the proposal document. There you will see: detailed description of the product to make sure we are on the same page, characteristics like resolution or print size, production and reviewing schedule, budget break-down, and quality references from our previous projects. Usually, it takes a day for us to come up with the proposal document.

Modeling: a virtual mock-up is built on the basis of the drawings. Time and effort here depend on the complexity of geometry and the level of detail. Texturing and mapping: pictures of actual materials are created and finish qualities assigned. All of these are later applied to the proper surfaces, adding color and texture to the model. Lighting: artist sets up the software to render a specific kind of light. Rendering: it’s a machine process of creating images from a 3D model. Post production: here we either compile an animation, add some glamour to the renderings, or insert people into the stills.

For architectural visualization projects we usually make 2 or 3 preview deliverables that you can review and comment on. If it’s an animation project, you will separately receive still rendering previews, and separately a draft movie that shows camera movement. For product visuals you usually review in detail the first product, and each next product is done according to this initial reference.

It’s important to remember that after you have approved the previews and before Visco can deliver the finals some time has to be allowed for rendering and post-production. It might take a day or two for still renderings and from a couple of days to a few weeks for animations. In order to get the final product that suits your purpose, remember to specify the characteristics of the final visuals like resolution, print size, and others at order stage.

Our process

Creating visuals – making sense, that’s what we do and that’s what we are passionate about. It’s not just about making a beautiful rendering or an orderly 3D scene. We are here to discover the true sense of your message and pass it on in the most accurate and appealing way.

We love what we do...



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