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VisCo CG is a 3D visualization studio based in Lviv, Ukraine.

There are 40+ experienced and enthusiastic 3D artists in our team, who love transforming the collective message of architects, designers, and marketing professionals into top-notch photorealistic 3d renderings, animation reels, interactive visuals and virtual reality.

Over the past decade VisCo has delivered over 500 successful visualization projects worldwide including extensive work in the luxury hospitality industry.


Our team strives for immaculate accuracy when rendering architect’s vision of a venue, not only as a set of geometrical forms and physical materials, but as a life experience with its unique character and atmosphere. We know that even a still image can send a powerful message.

To reach this, we encourage your involvement in the production process sharing remarks and comments, and cannot overestimate efficient communication with our clients as one of the means to render your vision properly.


We have started in 2004 as a branch of a software development company, working mainly on architectural and industrial models for interactive 3D.

Having borrowed the structure and workflows of a big software outsourcing provider, we became an independent 3D services studio in 2006. By that time there already existed a visualization team producing 3D renderings for architects and construction companies from the US and Scandinavian countries.

In the following years the company has rebranded twice, opened 2 new production offices and professional training courses, grown from 7 to 50+ staff in Ukraine. In 2013, we merged our talent with the Norwegian visualization firm VisCo AS and became known as VisCo CG.

While our competence in computer graphics overlaps in some areas, the merge allowed us to develop a good production base for interactive animations and presentations, feature film production, and intuitive 3D computer applications for PC and mobile devices.
With this combined force and unique mix of creative and technical talent, VisCo is able to service the entire value chain of an organization.

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